Modeling a 3D structure on 1bk5_A_1_B_1_C_1_D_1 by the Modeller program (TEMPLATE: 1bk5) assembly_id:1)

If you install the Modeller program in your computer, you can model a full-atom 3D structure of the complex using following files.

Modeller scripts for complex

  1. Download modeller python script:

  2. Download alignment file: alignment_complex.ali

  3. Download template PDB file: 1bk5.pdb

  4. execute command:


Modeller scripts for each subunit

    Subunit 1

  1. Download modeller script:

  2. Download alignment: alignment1.ali

  3. Download template PDB file: 1bk5_A_1.pdb

  4. execute command:


    Subunit 2

  5. Download template PDB file: 1bk5_B_1.pdb

    Subunit 3

  6. Download template PDB file: 1bk5_C_1.pdb

    Subunit 4

  7. Download template PDB file: 1bk5_D_1.pdb

    Merge all the subunit models

  8. execute command:

    cat query1.B99990001.pdb 1bk5_B_1.pdb 1bk5_C_1.pdb 1bk5_D_1.pdb > model.pdb

Alignment for protein A:local for query, global for template[=>global both for query and template]