Proteins of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and related drugs in HOMCOS

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Last Update:20200319, Date for updating PDB:20200325

Proteins in pre-release UniProt

  • Amino acid sequences of SARS-CoV-2 were taken from UniProt pre_release files ([HEAD_LINE] [FTP_SITE])
    AC ID length
    (amino acids)
    short name full name
    P0DTD1 R1AB_WCPV 7096 pp1ab Replicase polyprotein 1ab
    P0DTC1 R1A_WCPV 4405 pp1a Replicase polyprotein 1a
    P0DTC2 SPIKE_WCPV 1273 S glycoprotein Spike glycoprotein
    P0DTC3 AP3A_WCPV 275 3a Protein 3a
    P0DTC4 VEMP_WCPV 75 E protein Envelope small membrane protein
    P0DTC5 VME1_WCPV 222 M protein Membrane protein
    P0DTC6 NS6_WCPV 61 ns6 Non-structural protein 6
    P0DTC7 NS7A_WCPV 121 7a Protein 7a
    P0DTD8 NS7B_WCPV 43 ns7b Protein non-structural 7b
    P0DTC8 NS8_WCPV 121 ns8 Non-structural protein 8
    P0DTC9 NCAP_WCPV 419 NC Nucleoprotein
    P0DTD2 ORF9B_WCPV 97 ORF-9b Protein 9b
    P0DTD3 Y14_WCPV 73 ORF14 Uncharacterized protein 14
    A0A663DJA2 A0A663DJA2_9BETC 38 ORF10 ORF10 protein

    Proteins in Genpept

    protein_id length
    (amino acids)
    product gene note
    YP_009724389.1 7096 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase orf1ab pp1ab; translated by -1 ribosomal frameshift
    YP_009725297.1 180 leader protein nsp1; produced by both pp1a and pp1ab
    YP_009725298.1 638 nsp2 produced by both pp1a and pp1ab
    YP_009725299.1 1945 nsp3 former nsp1; conserved domains are: N-terminal
    YP_009725300.1 500 nsp4 nsp4B_TM; contains transmembrane domain 2 (TM2);
    YP_009725301.1 306 3C-like proteinase nsp5A_3CLpro and nsp5B_3CLpro; main proteinase
    YP_009725302.1 290 nsp6 nsp6_TM; putative transmembrane domain; produced by
    YP_009725303.1 83 nsp7 produced by both pp1a and pp1ab
    YP_009725304.1 198 nsp8 produced by both pp1a and pp1ab
    YP_009725305.1 113 nsp9 ssRNA-binding protein; produced by both pp1a and
    YP_009725306.1 139 nsp10 nsp10_CysHis; formerly known as growth-factor-like
    YP_009725307.1 932 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase nsp12; NiRAN and RdRp; produced by pp1ab only
    YP_009725308.1 601 helicase nsp13_ZBD, nsp13_TB, and nsp_HEL1core; zinc-binding
    YP_009725309.1 527 3'-to-5' exonuclease nsp14A2_ExoN and nsp14B_NMT; produced by pp1ab
    YP_009725310.1 346 endoRNAse nsp15-A1 and nsp15B-NendoU; produced by pp1ab only
    YP_009725311.1 298 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase nsp16_OMT; 2'-o-MT; produced by pp1ab only
    YP_009725295.1 4405 nsp11 orf1ab pp1a
    YP_009725312.1 13 nsp11 produced by pp1a only
    YP_009724390.1 1273 surface glycoprotein S structural protein; spike protein
    YP_009724391.1 275 ORF3a protein ORF3a
    YP_009724392.1 75 envelope protein E ORF4; structural protein; E protein
    YP_009724393.1 222 membrane glycoprotein M ORF5; structural protein
    YP_009724394.1 61 ORF6 protein ORF6
    YP_009724395.1 121 ORF7a protein ORF7a
    YP_009725318.1 43 ORF7b ORF7b
    YP_009724396.1 121 ORF8 protein ORF8
    YP_009724397.2 419 nucleocapsid phosphoprotein N ORF9; structural protein
    YP_009725255.1 38 ORF10 protein ORF10

    Reported Efficient Drugs

    D01703 D01703 Ciclesonide (JAN/USAN/INN); Alvesco (TN); Omnaris (TN); Zetonna (TN) Antiasthmatic, Anti-inflammatory, Glucocorticoid receptor agonist
    D01425 D01425 Lopinavir (JAN/USP/INN) Antiviral, HIV protease inhibitor
    D00427 D00427 Ritonavir (JAN/USP/INN); Norvir (TN) Antiviral, HIV protease inhibitor
    D09537 D09537 Favipiravir (JAN/USAN/INN); Avigan (TN) Antiviral, RNA replicase inhibitor
    D11472 D11472 Remdesivir (USAN Antiviral
    D02366 D02366 Chloroquine (USP/INN) Antimalarial, Amebicide
    D01670 D01670 Nafamostat mesylate (USAN); Nafamostat mesilate (JP17); Ronastat (TN) Anticoagulant, Antifibrinolytic, Serine protease inhibitor